Marketing is my life. It’s an incredible hobby, interest, everyday fascination and profession.

To unite groups of people with one common value, interest or phrase is an amazing experience and immensely powerful tool to a single brand. The feeling of being bought together with a group of mates, fellow music lovers or surfers all listening, dancing or cheering together out in the open air doesn’t get much better. This is marketing. This runs deep in the veins of FourSeasons.

Growing up at a young age in London, and my partner living in London Bridge, we gravitate towards the city most weekends for breaks, visits and events. Whichever it is, we’re constantly inspired by the lifestyle, people, trends, and overall creative thinking and imagination that London houses and draws on. Marketing being crafted by a mix of companies and independents.

With our first office in the countryside of Devon, we’re closer to the landscape and environment which has resulted in my huge passion for surfing and its lifestyle. The strong sense of identity and heritage felt in Devon and Cornwall, with a movement of proud localised communities offering superior local produce leads to an immensely strong brand identity, the foundation of any marketing. Our proud smaller localised clients have shaped our thoughts, creativity and consultancy manner with regards to branding and for that, we thank all the companies we’ve had such a sick time working with to understand and develop these values and inspire us.

Creative marketing that achieves this capture of a single segmented audience makes people stop-and-think, feel something, and most importantly make an impact that forces people to relate, link to and engage with the sayings, hastags and messages of the brand.

The influence brands and marketing has on people can create the most incredible events like the Red Bull ‘Stratos Jump’, movements like pop-up stores, sayings like ‘i’m loving it’, trends like ‘the 50’s industrial barbershops in London’, or hobbies and interests like ‘craft beer tasting’.

We have an endless desire to create opinionated marketing that is relatable, makes a difference, creates fun and most importantly, Makes An IMPACT.

This is Our Story, What’s Yours.


Create, Engage, IMPACT