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Made You Look! Now, we’ve got your attention, FourSeasons Marketing is a marketing consultancy firm that offer a full consultancy service, creating tailored marketing strategies to mainly demand attention, resulting in increased value and get you those goals you are looking to achieve. We base all our work around a shock-n-awe philosophy, where everything must be striking, thought-provoking, even controversial in order to make people stop, think and feel something whilst creating interest and exposure to develop a strong brand with personality.


4SM like to develop strong, real brands that demand attention by likeminded customers, communicating to a specific and segmented target audience community. Our passion is fired by events & live experience marketing and creative, unusual advertisements producing ‘That moment when you think to yourself………….”


Day in the life of YOU. 4SM perform an Initial Review of a client to understand them completely, their work, the brand, their personality and vision resulting in a developed tailored Marketing Proposal.


We will look at:




Social media


Live Experience Marketing


Guerilla Marketing

Point of Sale Marketing


….just to name a few.


It all depends on the company and the brands story. But one thing is sure, make an IMPACT. Dare ya

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